28-70mm f/2L RF
28-70mm f/2L RF

28-70mm f/2L RF

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Designed for Canon’s EOS R full-frame cameras, this is a mid-range zoom lens that operates with the speed of a prime and gives you the versatility of a wide-angle to short telephoto zoom. It performs across a range of applications, from portrait to photojournalism, and maintains its f/2 maximum aperture throughout the zoom range. The nine-blade diaphragm gives gorgeous bokeh.

Advanced optics include a 13-group, 19-element formula with ultra-low dispersion elements that minimize aberrations and color fringing. Autofocus is fast and quiet because of the ultrasonic focusing motor, and you’ll be able to fine-tune your focus with the manual focus override while the Digital Lens Optimizing system makes real-time corrections for aberrations and distortion.

This lens also fully customizable: you can assign functions to the lens via a unique control ring on the barrel, and rotation clicks will give you auditory feedback so you can adjust your settings while you compose. A short focus back distance and 54mm diameter give your images edge-to-edge clarity during both still photography and video.

The sturdy Canon 28-7mm f/2L RF lens has been made to withstand adverse conditions, thanks to the weather sealing that keeps dust and moisture at bay. It also functions optimally in a broad range of temperatures since it’s composed of thermally stable composite material. Use the Canon 28-7mm f/2L RF with any fullframe Canon that has an RF-mount.

  • Focal Length: 28–7mm
  • Max Aperture: f/2
  • Autofocus: Yes
  • Type of Mount: Canon RF-mount
  • Weight: 3.15 pounds
  • Compatibility: Full-frame