Getting Started

When will you charge my credit card?
Your card will be charged when we ship your order.

When will my order arrive?
Your order will arrive within 1-4 days after we charge your card.

What if the equipment arrives damaged?
We thoroughly test our products between rentals and store them with the utmost
care, so that you can be sure that your equipment will arrive in excellent working
condition. If there is a problem, please contact us immediately, and we’ll work
together to solve it.

What if the equipment stops working or gets damaged while in my care?
The contract you signed states that you are responsible for repairs or replacements,
but we’re willing to work with you. Please contact us immediately.

Can I reserve my order in advance?
Yes! Rental contracts can be started anytime between Monday and Friday. If you’re
requesting a rental after business hours, please select the following business day as
the start date. There’s a drop-down calendar on the product page, where you’ll see
all available dates and be able to select the rental period of your choice.

How is the rental period calculated?
Your rental period will begin with the first delivery attempt or (for reservations) on
the scheduled delivery date. It ends when your equipment is scanned into the
shipping system. Please be sure to get a receipt—if your order has not been
scanned by 6 PM on the last day of your rental period, it will be considered late.

How do you ensure your equipment is in good working condition?
Our equipment is checked and tested after every rental. There may be some
aesthetic aberrations (slight scuff marks on the barrel of a lens, for instance), as
they are rental items, but we take heavily damaged items out of commission. We
guarantee that your items will be clean and fully functioning. It’s our goal for you to
be delighted with every order!

What should I rent?
We can talk about photography and videography for hours! If you need help or
have any questions, please call or email us. We would love to help you find the
perfect product.

Order Security Process
We take your security seriously and may contact you for further verification if we
run into billing or shipping address problems, or any other issues that we feel could
threaten your order security.

What comes with the equipment?
Check the product page to see what’s included with your rental. Most lenses come
with a lens hood (unless specified). Cameras come with the battery, charger, strap,
and manual (either a paper copy or on a flash drive).

What payment methods are accepted?
We accept all major credit cards—VISA, AMEX, Mastercard, and Discover.

Billing Questions

Can I return early for a refund?
Yes! If you want to return your order early, please call us. We’ll calculate your
refund amount and give you return instructions.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you cancel before your order ships, there’s no penalty. If your order has already
shipped, you’ll need to return the item(s) before we process your refund. Please call
us—we’ll calculate your refund amount and give you return instructions.

When will my card be charged?
Your card will be charged when your order ships.

Will I be charged sales tax?
As you know, paying taxes is the law. Unfortunately, due to the s ales tax nexus
requirement (a tax law for online businesses), we’re required to collect sales tax.
We’re happy to explain further, just give us a call.

Shipping Questions

What shipping carriers do you use?
We use FedEx and UPS. We prefer to use FedEx, but if you prefer UPS, choose that
option at checkout.

What time will my package arrive?
Delivery depends on the carrier's schedule, which often varies. If you need your
order to arrive on a specific date or time, choose one of our expedited shipping

Can I have my order shipped to a FedEx or UPS center?
Of course!

Do you guarantee that my order will arrive on time?
We always ship your order with enough lead time to ensure it will arrive on your
requested date. Very rarely, packages will be delayed by UPS or FedEx due to
weather conditions or other unexpected events. We monitor your package’s
progress and will contact you if it looks like something is not right.

Is a signature required?
Yes. We cannot assume the risk of our equipment being stolen or misdelivered.

I lost my return shipping label.
No problem! Email us at shipping@thelensloft.com or call 1(800) 835-3312 and
we’ll send you a new one.

What if my package is delayed?
If your package is delayed because of an issue on our side, your payment will be
refunded, your rental will be on us, and we'll get your order shipped as soon as
possible. Unfortunately, if items are delayed because of an issue with FedEx or UPS,
it's out of our hands, and you'll have to contact them.

Extensions & Late Returns

Can I extend the rental contract?
Sure! Just know that extensions are treated as new orders and it’s cheaper to rent
gear for two weeks at the outset than to extend your one-week rental for another
week. Email or call—we’ll be happy to help!

When is my return due?
If you haven’t returned your order to the shipping carrier by 6 PM on the due date,
it will be considered late. Please remember to get a receipt—this is your proof of

What happens if I am late returning my order?
Items are considered late if they are not returned to the shipping carrier by 6 PM on
the due date, and will start to accrue late fees. You’ll get an email reminder one day
before your equipment is due, and another email reminder the day after.

Oh, no! I forgot to return my item.
Please call or email us to let us know—it happens to the best of us. We’ll work with
you to get it sorted.

What are the late fees?
Late fees are the daily rental extension cost plus 25 percent per item. You’ll
continue to be charged until your order has been scanned into the carrier’s system.