About The Lens Loft - Camera Rental Company

The Lens Loft is a full-scale photography and videography equipment rental company based in Austin, Texas. We carry the highest-quality bodies, specialty lenses, and an array of accessories so that when you rent from us, all you need to focus on is getting the perfect shot. 

We’re known for our friendly, reliable service, and aim to be an informative resource for all of your production needs. A fast, easy, and safe shipping process ensures that our products arrive quickly and in perfect condition, and our dedicated support team is a click away.

Our founder, Andrew Ferguson, has a passion for photography and cinema. He believes the way that images express emotion, creativity, and the human experience transcends the written word. When looking for a particular lens, his search spanned weeks and every rental site he could find. As a former e-commerce entrepreneur, he saw an opportunity, and as a photographer, he knew it would be fun. 

Welcome to The Lens Loft. 

Our mission is to connect every creative with the best photo and video equipment in the world. 

You can depend on us to help you realize your artistic vision.