What you need to know about taking stock photography in 2019

Chances are, you aren’t going around thinking “I can’t wait to take the PERFECT” stock photo. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t good stock photo opportunities where you’re shooting — whether it’s an event, street photography, and more. 

Stock photos are a great way to build your portfolio and to get your work out there — like on Unsplash or Pexels. It’s also a great way to make some extra money! 

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It’s important to realize that you’re entering a saturated market, so you need to make sure your stock photos are unique, eye-catching, and realistic. Here are some tips to make your stock photos stand out from the millions of other photos on the internet.

Make your shots unique 

Go where no one else has gone before — literally. If you’re taking a photo of a popular travel destination, think outside of the box. Don’t take photos of the most famous landmark where you’re traveling. Explore the streets or outskirts, take a different trail, hike a different mountain. The bottom line: Get a unique angle that no one else is capturing. When someone sees your photo, they’ll think “This is different, and my business is trying to be different, too.” 

Take photos of everything 

Your photos need to be the best of the best to catch your viewer’s attention. Chances are, you aren’t going to get this with one shot — so take multiple! Don’t delete anything, either. You don’t know what you might have until you really sit down and take a look at it. 

Make sure to follow technical guidelines

When you’re shooting, make sure they’re stock friendly. This means no brand names, trade marks, recognizable people, or property without the proper releases. If you’re using models, make sure to get their contact information and model release forms ready. Review submission guidelines and make sure you’re familiar with reasons why photos are often rejected

Focus on the subject

When you’re taking a stock photo, make sure your subject stands out so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Remove anything from the shot that will be distracting to your view — including people in the background, dirt, clutter, and more. Clean, focused shots are the way to go.

Know your market

It’s important to think like a marketer or advertiser when you’re shooting. What market are you trying to reach? What can advertisers use your image for? Companies might be looking for images where they can put text or a brand name, so keep your crop in mind and if possible, provide your photo in a number of different crop sizes. Make sure to ask yourself how a shot can be used, what industries it can be used it, and what the market is looking for. 

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