Photography trends to watch for in 2020 

photography trends 2020

The new year is still a few months away, but it’s never too early to start preparing for what’s to come. Industries rapidly change from year to year, and photography is no exception. 

No matter if you’re a professional photographer or an amateur photographer just booking your first event, there are many photography trends you should be paying attention to for the remainder of this year and into next. 

Below, we go through some of the top trends we’ve noticed in 2019 that will no doubt roll into 2020. 

Vibrant colors and out-of-the-box ideas

One of the best ways to captivate an audience, especially if that audience lives on social media, is through vibrant colors. Vibrant color also plays a major role in stock photography, which will definitely roll over into 2020. Use bright, vibrant colors in your photos to make them pop and stand out. 

Ad-blindness is at an all-time high, so you have to connect with consumers across different channels in a personalized way. Nothing is one size fits all — so take multiple different photos, including candid angles and out-of-the-box ideas. Remember, vibrant colors are key, so step out of the box when it comes to photography ideas! 

vibrant colour photograph

DSLRs are out, cell phones are in 

First, I just want to say that this does not mean DSLRs are irrelevant — they obviously play a huge role in snapping the perfect shot that can’t be replicated on a cellphone. But more and more increasingly, photographers are snapping beautiful shots with their phones when they don’t have their DSLR cameras on them. Why? They’re compact, easy to take with you, and can shoot both photos and videos. 

The new iPhone 11 has many new features for photographers, including a wide camera, an ultrawide camera, and telephoto camera — all on the same phone. The telephoto camera includes night mode and has the same video quality and benefits as the wide camera. Portrait mode also gets an upgrade, in addition to other features, too. Apple no doubt changed the game by introducing the first triple-camera system on a cellphone. 

Video is key 

Advancements in technology, similar to the iPhone 11, is making video more important than ever, a trend we’ve seen over the past few years. It takes less than a second for someone to scroll past your photo or video, so how you capture their attention is just as important as ever. People want to engage with content, so make your content engaging! When you’re shooting stills, make sure to get some video, too — you may look back and realize that the video you took is more engaging than a still image. 

 Vertical imagery 

Going back to cellphones, almost everything people look at is formatted vertically. To put it in perspective, more than half of all online traffic is from mobile users. So when people see your photos, chances are, they’re going to be on a cellphone — and that number is going to keep rising. Make sure your images and videos are website and mobile friendly — it’ll make your life so much easier to have both vertical and horizontal crops ready to go.

People want to see things in a natural environment  

No matter if you’re shooting stock photography, product photography, or something totally different, people want to see things in their natural environment — so keep it natural in your photos. Don’t force product placement in a place that doesn’t look right, and make sure your subjects are acting naturally, too. The more natural a photo feels, the more it will relate to your audience.

Film photography is BACK

Great things always come back, and film photography is no exception. Many photographers are choosing to go back to film, either full or part time. Most photographers say film is a great way to improve their technical and creative skills — and it forces you to learn how light affects every shot since you can’t play with trial and error. 

Photography is constantly evolving thanks to new technology and styles. As you navigate these changes, check out Lens Loft for any equipment you may need — you can rent cameras, lenses, accessories, and more to help you capture that perfect shot. 

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